Team Update


Team Update

** 7am Sunday is the only time that day to do Open WOD. We will be closed for the rest of that day**

Top 16.4 Scores


Sarah L (190), visit this site Gina (166), health Alison (165)

Kyra got 166 and would have had our number 3 score, view but she didn’t submit.  Let this be a lesson to you folks!


Brian (225), Jack O (210), Chris (209)

First, CrossFit Oakdale had our best performance to date, scoring 64th or so in the region, moving us up on the leading board to 84 last time I checked.

Who’s our all-star this week?  Gina of course!  Gina contributed a score to our Open total for the first time by getting her first Handstand Push Up!  That’s a double PR.  Alison said Gina was asking if she should give it a go a prescribed or scaled, and look what happened?  She, or he, who dares, wins.  Even after 55 deadlifts, wall ball shots and rowing for your life.


Workout of the Day

10 Kettlebell Swings OTM for 10

10 Burpees OTM for 10

10 Rounds 30 Seconds of Doubleunders, 30 Seconds of Rest