Summer Slam 2017


Summer Slam 2017

Summer Slam is here again! It is comprised of basic CrossFit movements: things you would see in the Open. It’s an excellent format for beginners and advanced athletes.   If you are new to CrossFit and looking to get better at competing, you will be very familiar with the Thruster, Pullup, Deadlift, Burpee and Squat Clean and Jerk.  If you are and advanced athlete, you know these movements and you will know how to squeeze every bit of efficient and effort into each workout.
You have about 6 weeks to focus on training. Summer Slam will be comprised of 3 fast, sprint style workouts.  The workouts will reward strong athletes that go hard and plow forward into the pain cave.  The format will be very – VERY – similar to the 2008 CrossFit Games.  If you were to go to YouTube, and type in Mikko Salo “Sisu” you can even see what you will be doing at Summer Slam. 
For the Scaled divisions, we will provide challenging versions of the RX workouts.  Everyone that shows up will have an opportunity to “pay the man.”
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RX & Masters RX
Thruster 95/65
Chest to Bar Pullups
Deadlifts 275/185
Squat Clean & Jerk 155/105
Scaled & Masters Scaled
Thruster 75/55
Kettlebell Swings 53/35
Deadlifts 225/155
Squat Clean & Jerk 115/75

Chris packed up his knee sleeves, but left us a shirt – check it out next time you grab a barbell. Watch out East Coast! Best of luck to the Forman 5!

Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk
5 Rounds for reps
45 Seconds of Ball Slams 40/25
15 Seconds Rest
45 Seconds of Abmat Situps*
15 Seconds of Rest
*If you are feeling froggy, you can try GHD Situps.  But check with a coach first.