Sometimes you you just gotta…


Sometimes you you just gotta…

CrossFit recommends a diet of that supports exercise of meat, thumb vegetables, viagra dosage fruit, tadalafil seeds, nuts, little starch and no sugar.  The Zone Diet is an excellent option, as is the Paleo…

Ok.  Is the teacher gone?  Is anyone looking?  I get it, you want to eat right and exercise well.  But every once in awhile you want to eat something that makes you feel a mix of shame, lust and pride.  You want to text pictures of your food debauchery to your friends while the juices run down your chin.

I ate at the Squeeze Inn in Tracy on Wednesday.  The Squeeze Inn first opened in Sacramento – I know I’ve seen it on TV.  It’s not cheap.  But the Double Cheeseburger is huge.  They make something called a “cheese skirt.”  Basically, if your burger was a planet, it would be Saturn.  The rings of Saturn would be made up of cheddar cheese, extending into crispy, cheesy goodness 2-3 inches off the entire edge of your burger.  The meat was tasty and the bread was pretty good.  You will stare at it for a minute trying to figure out how to eat it.  Located at the Naglee exit in Tracy, it’s equal parts food adventure and dare.

For Thursday’s workout, you may do any Muscle Up you like – Ring, Bar, Jumping (Ring or Bar), Transitions (Ring or Bar).


Food Connoisseur Brian H.

Workout of the Day


6 Deadlift 225/155

3 Muscle Ups

Rest 3 minutes


4 Deadlift 225/155

2 Muscle Ups

Rest 3 minutes


2 Deadlift 225/155

1 Muscle Ups