Sleep…It does a body good.

Sleep or Die.  I recently had a minor, cheap work induced sleep depravation period.  Nothing crazy, but enough to mess me up for a couple of days.  Looking back on my days in the Army, we would go weeks with less than 4 hours a day.  It was like a badge of honor.  Poop.
What is a “Hang Clean Ladder”?
A Hang Clean Ladder (this can also be used with the Snatch) is an evil little beast that will help you jump the bar hard and get under into a power position fast.  It will also develop explosive grip.  One ladder is: deadlift the bar, come to a complete stop (the hang), and perform a hang power clean.  Drop the bar, deadlift the bar, come to a complete stop in the hang, and perform 2 hang cleans.  Repeat this, doing 3 cleans, dropping the bar at the end.  Again, 4 cleans, and drop the bar.  Finally, finish with 5 hang cleans.  That is 1 round.
If you drop the bar during any one piece, you cannot move on until you finish the required number of reps.  That means, if you get to your set of drop, and the bar drops out of your hands on rep 3, you will need to rest appropriately, and re-tackle that set of 4 and complete it before moving onto your set of 5.  This may be hard.  It should be.
For the metcon, you will need to pick a weight for the cleans that you can do 5 times consecutively near exhaustion.  Please be conservative, but go heavy.  RX is 155/100.  I would like to revisit this in 3 months at a heavier weight, like 185/115.
The hang ladder’s are a fun, but challenging way to test your technique and ability to HANG ON FOR DEAR LIFE!
Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk
5 sets of 2, 65% of 1RM
These are NOT touch and go reps.  In fact, I would recommend you drop that bar after the first rep, and ensure a perfect set up for each rep.
If your form is not crisp and clean, lower the weight until you look like a freaking Clean and Jerk machine.
Run Parking Lot Loop
Hang Clean Ladder 1-5, 155/100