Sleep for ….EVERYTHING


Sleep for ….EVERYTHING

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Want to lose weight? Try sleep.

Want to be faster and stronger? Try sleep.

Want to have less brain fog? Try sleep.

Want to just feel a little better and brighter during the day? Try meditating. And sleep.

I could go on and on. And I might.

As an athlete, member of a CrossFit community, you are putting exercise as a priority. That is awesome. Maybe you have some annoying, grinding shoulders or an angry knee. You probably add mobility and prehab movements to your list of priorities as well. Hydration is a good one, especially as we are on the brink of summer (no spring for us this year.) But what about your sleep?

Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 4-5 hours a night consume more calories, leading to diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular disease. By increasing the hours of sleep people got by only 1-1.5 hours, they consumed over 1,000 less calories per week. JUST BY SLEEPING MORE.

While sleep requirements vary from person to person, dependent on age, we all still need it and probably don’t get enough or the high quality stuff. Work and kid activity schedules are increasing – most people are trying to get the most out of their day. This may lead to later mealtimes, later bedtimes and even falling asleep on the couch, trying to chill out for a moment at the end of the day. Don’t forget about the scrolling. Oh the scrolling. You know that constant finger swipe, looking for more content, another dog that runs into a sliding glass door or little kids falling of something. Anything to add lightness to the end of a full day.

We are constantly having things thrown at us, another email or text, another post by one of the 1800 accounts we follow. How do we turn it off? Sleep is where we get to shut down, turn off and just be.

Until we wake up at 2am with thoughts of what we have coming up the next day or just can’t sleep. So how do we fix that?

Join us for a 7 day challenge on creating better sleep habits, learn to shut off and shut down at the end of the day.

This is not like a burpee challenge – this won’t hurt or make you sore the next day. Quite the opposite in fact. It can only make you feel better.

You want to feel better, don’t you?

Starts Sunday night – 4/16/2023 for 7 nights.

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