Skills Week 2019


Skills Week 2019

We have a sweet goals board, but there’s a problem with it – people are already reaching their goals!

We had 4 athletes – Amie, Brad C, Brooke and Cameron get their first bar muscle ups in the last couple of days.

We are going to continue pushing the skills – we will work Ring Muscle Ups again Thursday, along with Doubleunders and rowing.

To continue to hammer skills, we are going to work a skills clinic on Saturday morning at 9am. Instead of the pressure of the workout, we will slow down a little bit, focus on the movement, get some one on one coaching so you can get drills to help you meet those goals. We will be focusing on pull-ups, toes to bar, Handstand walking and pushups double under and more.

It’s never too late to give your late arriving white elephant gift.

Workout of the Day


Deadlift, 5 sets of 2, 80%


15 Power Cleans 95/65

15 Power Cleans 135/85

15 Power Cleans 185/115