Sit and Sip


Sit and Sip

Sit and Sip: How to Meditate with Coffee.  My sister in law sent me this article.  She introduced me to La Colombe, sales an excellent coffee place if you ever make it to Philadelphia.  She must know me well, decease or I talk about coffee and meditation too much.

My only niggle with the article – and this comes with training.  In the portion in which the author discusses making coffee, viagra and “blocking out other thoughts.”  Mindfulness is not about blocking thoughts, but seeing the thoughts as they are without judgement.  In doing so, our mind takes the steam away, and the thoughts just pass by and you can appreciate your coffee making process.


Workout of the Day


Snatch Balance or Overhead Squat

Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy single



Summer Slam Gymnastics Ladder

1 Chest to Bar Pullups

1 Ring Dip/Ring Push Up

1 Pistol

Next round is 2/2/2, next round is 3/3/3 – each round goes up by 1.