Schedule for the Holiday Week


Schedule for the Holiday Week

The week of Thanksgiving CrossFit Oakdale will have adjusted training hours.
Monday and Tuesday will be normal hours.
Wednesday will be normal in the AM.  There will only be 1 WOD in the evening @ 5:30pm followed by a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner.  Please come out!
Thursday CFO will be closed.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Friday there will only be 1 WOD @ 9am.  The WOD will be “Clovis.”  This is an extreme WOD, sick BUT IT IS SCALABLE!  I will talk more about this tomorrow.
Tricia will be coaching on Saturday, dosage with Bring a Friend at 9am and Team CFO @ 10am.
Due to the fact that the week is a little different, visit this we will take a break from our normal strength work.  The WODs may be heavy or require skills, but we’ll work those skills/scaling options into the warm-up.  This is “classic CrossFit.”

Busy Saturday Morning WOD

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 275/185
Box Jump 30/24
After each set of Box Jumps, do 5/3 Handstand Pushups