Sarah's Somethin' Somethin'


Sarah's Somethin' Somethin'

In a previous Somethin’ Somethin’ I wrote about a stretch that helps with lower back and tight hamstrings.  The stretch is called “forward fold” and it is the simple one of bringing your legs in front of you in a sitting position, straitening them out (perhaps keeping the knee slightly bent or soft) and then diving your torso forward towards your legs. I’m going assume that if you aren’t partaking in this beautiful stretch, it’s because you don’t care for the sensation of the lack of depth going forward in the upper body.  I tend to see the most eye rolls when leading a stretch sesh from the people who only have the mobility to  tilt the head forward at this time.  And yes, it seems like it does nothing because the movement is small, but chances are, if you are one of the people I just mentioned, you need it the most- because you got the tightest hamstrings!  And assuming the best, you would like another- a different- stretch to rectify the situation, but doesn’t make you feel… inadequate.  So here it is.

Find a wall.  Take your shoes off.  Lay on your back and bring your feet to the wall.  Allow for your hiney (technical term) to remain far enough from the wall that your legs can straighten out comfortably.  Now you will begin the journey of trying to scootch (another technical term) your hiney closer and closer to the wall while still remaining straight in the legs.  Take some deep breathes and long holds in each position that gets you closer to the wall.  Once you hit a point that you have to bend your knees, or if it gets too uncomfortable, your journey is over and you retreat to the last spot that allowed for that appropriate stretch.  Stay here.  Watch the top or bottom inning of a baseball game.  Sing “100 Bottles of Beer on The Wall”… but maybe stop at 48.  Watch Heat 3 of a CrossFit Regionals event… Whatever your thing is, stay here and enjoy the time.
If you are a Jedi Master and the journey of the hiney to the Darkside of the wall is no difficult task, then you must step your force game up.  You, oh flexible one, must find a CORNER of a wall, or a post.  Then you will do much of the same thing, but one leg at a time and the other leg will remain flat on the floor during the scoot journey.  This version will obviously take some more time, since you have to do one leg at a time, but these are First World Mobility Problems.  
So there it is.  Your new homework assignment.  Enjoy and if you have any questions- please give a shout out!

Tomorrow’s WOD is a repeat of something that we did recently, but it is a good primer for “Murph.”

Workout of the Day (Wednesday 5/31/17)
3 sets of 8 @ 65%
Alternating Tabata
8 Rounds
20 seconds on/10 seconds off
Chest to Bar Pullups
Ring Pushups