Sarah's Somethin' Somethin'


Sarah's Somethin' Somethin'

As Easy As 1, 2, Breathe.

I’ve talked about stretching and mobility before, and now I got a few words on breathing.  Ya, we all do it- but could it be done more effectively, especially when under physical, emotional and/or mental stress- hell ya!  The idea of breathe is pretty intense; breathe can allow you to calm your nerves, your heart(rate) and your mind when done effectively. However to absorb such benefits, breathing technique does require practice, and it’s an ongoing practice.  Yoga, meditation and (my addiction) ROMWOD, place a heavy focus on breathing:  it’s amazing how taking a breathe for 8 seconds and releasing for 10 will sink you further into a pose or a stretch or another state of mind.  With the positive response of a good breathing technique, can you imagine how beneficial it would be in the midst of a crazy workout that has spiked your heart rate and maybe has started to play on your mental strength?  Or the benefit of it when life has thrown at you a flight or fight situation?  Or the benefit of it when it’s 5PM on  one hell of a Monday, and you see no end to work yet… Mastering good breathing techniques does exactly what we at CrossFit Oakdale pride ourselves in, it makes us “Ready For Anything”- mentally, emotionally and physically.  So find an avenue that works for you in the practice, stick to it, and enjoy the results!

Practice Practice Practice! Sonia has been working on her pull-ups at home and cranked 77 out on Tuesday! Great job!

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds For Time
400m Run
30 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
20 Cal. Row