Prepping for events


Prepping for events

We are going to announce the Stockton PD Scott Hewell Fundraiser WOD tomorrow.  The Fundraiser (register HERE) will be held on September 13th and we are asking for a $20 donation.  More details in the coming days…
The Death by Barbell Finals are less than 2 weeks away.  We have been focusing on many aspects of the WOD in our training – Squatting from the Back and Front each week, what is ed Cleaning heavy in the form of Milo, and working on Pressing strength.  Now is the time to dial in your strategy.  If you recall your rep scheme from your first attempt, I would try to be more aggressive if you can handle it.  I recommend testing a round of 15-12-9-6 fresh, and later in the week testing it after a WOD.  I used this rep scheme the first time – 5 DL, 5 DL, 4 DL, 1 DL into 4 Hang Clean, 4 HC, 1 HC into 9 FS and 6 Push Jerk.  This time, I will try to cut down my breaks and go DL 8-6-1, HC 7-4-1, then the FS and PJ unbroken.  Test it out and make a plan.


Rebecca snatched 53# for the first time today… PR!!!

Workout of the Day
As Many Squat Cleans As Possible in 1 Minute, 155/100
Rest 3 Minutes
Repeat for a total of 5 Rounds, men add 10# each round, ladies add 5#
Score is total number of Reps completed
If there is time left in class, establish a 1RM Front Squat from the rack