Post Comp


Post Comp

We had a great weekend at CrossFit Oakdale, hosting a 3 person competition that we dubbed “3s Company.” On a spectator level, the rope climb workout was the most fun workout I have ever watched at the gym.

On a personal level, thank you to all the athletes that competed in a very hot, muggy smokey gym! An even bigger thank you to all the judges and volunteers. It could not have happened if:

Jacob had not taped up the 50# dumbbells that have been dropped a multitude of times by an unnamed perpetrator that may or may not be married to the owner of the gym.

Jill, Victoria and Maegan hadn’t drawn out the chalk lines for Event 1.

Michele hadn’t checked in all athletes, ensuring they had waivers signed and appropriate t-shirts.

Tim hadn’t had amazing social media skills (I even trusted him with my phone:))

Terri hadn’t been in charge of the music, the credit cards and hazmatting the port-a-potty. It reportedly looked like a Dexter scene at on point…

Kathy and Cecilia hadn’t been the runners in charge of Event 1 and 2.

Connie hadn’t been in charge of the ENTIRE scoreboard and everything that comes with that job. Spoiler alert Connie – it’s the hardest, most important one!

Wendy hadn’t been head judge in charge with making sure the weight change outs happened correctly.

Kirk and Mario hadn’t made sure that the outside event was on time for each and every heat.

Jack being not only the demo-girl, but the right hand guy, too.

Christian, Ace, Will and Jack making sure that Nancy, the taco chef, had everything she needed to make sure there was food.

Denny, Chelsie, Gloria, Kirk, Jill, Austin T, Jordan, Scott, and June hadn’t ensured movement standards and scoring.

Leah hadn’t helped with the trophy & prize handout.

AND of course, if Brian hadn’t schmoozed the crowd with his emcee-ability behind a microphone.

It truly takes a village. Our village is pretty amazing.

For our competitors, did you win? No. But that’s never really the point. The point is to keep trying, keep grinding, keep getting better. I’m not making excuses for anyone, but almost everyone at the gym competed either coming off a well known respiratory infection, or filling in for someone that had a respiratory infection. So there’s that.

I share with you my favorite video ever. It’s of some skinny dude trying to grind an impossible rail, and basically land a jump off a two story building onto concrete. He tries like 40 times and keeps failing. Does he land it? Does it even matter? By the time he finished, a small crowd of folks gathered just to see a guy try something that may be stupid to some, pointless to some, and epic to others. He wasn’t doing it for any of those people. He was just doing it for himself.

Workout of the Day

10 sets of 2, 70-75%

Perform one set of 2 every 2 minutes


12 Air Squats
8 KB Swings 53/35
4 Burpees