Please welcome Coach Christian!


Please welcome Coach Christian!

We are very excited to announce that Christian Acosta will start coaching classes for CrossFit Oakdale! Christian first walked through our doors in 2014. He has participated in the Franniversary AND won a Summer Slam. He is kind, considerate and an amazing mover. We asked him to write up a little bio about himself and he came up with a great one.

On a quick side note, every time I look at pictures on Facebook, this album cover for our timeline photos comes up with Christian and Coach Denny’s son Brody. I am guessing this is the Fall of 2014, but I could be wrong. If you need some time to kill, we are close to ten years of pictures on Facebook….check out our albums!

My name is Christian Acosta and I am currently a CrossFit level 2 Trainer. My CrossFit Journey started here inside CrossFit Oakdale in the year of 2014. Since then I have joined and separated from the Air Force. While in the Air Force I lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming and trained out of CrossFit Cheyenne (CFC). During the year of 2018 I received my Level 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah at Ute CrossFit. Once that happened I began training my Air Force friends and even squadron PT sessions. In 2019 I started coaching at CFC. The next year in 2020 I received my L2 in Seattle, Washington at CrossFit Old Fashioned. The reason I decided to start coaching at first was to help people get faster Fran times. As time has gone on the reason changed. Now the reason is: I love to give.

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Wallball Shots, 20/14
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