Paleo or Zone?


Paleo or Zone?

Paleo or Zone from CrossFit Invictus.  As we begin the Whole Life Challenge, page which is a Paleo challenge, I recommend keeping an eye on Zone portions.  Whether you are an experienced Zone eater or you have only heard of the Zone through some of the WLC sessions, do yourself a favor and re-familiarize yourself with the Zone concepts: understand the macros (Protein, Carbs and Fat), understand the portions (Protein 30%, Fat 30%, Carbs 40%), and understand the timing of meals.  If Paleo is about food quality, the Zone is about food quantity and timing.  The Zone treats food as medicine.  As you delve in the Paleo diet, and eat Paleo approved foods, an understanding of the macros and portions may leave you feeling full longer.

From experience being on Paleo challenges, eating a whole jar of macadamia nuts, or a 3 steaks, or 2 bags of spinach may scratch that hunger itch and may be Paleo approved, but it ain’t smart.

There is a ton of information on the interwebz about the Zone, to include CrossFit Journal articles 15 and 21.  Check it out.


Workout of the Day



Handstand Work

You may handstand walk, handstand hold, shoulder/head taps, wall climb and hold, feet on box handstand hold, or any variation that focuses on getting you upside down for 20 seconds a minute.  Each set is 20 seconds of work/hold, 40 seconds of rest.



75 Doubleunders

15 Toes to Bar

15 Push Press 135/95