Open Prep


Open Prep

In case you haven’t noticed, adiposity I have been posting “Open Prep” workouts on the whiteboard.  There are 4 right now and I will continue to change them out every 3 days of so, always keeping 4 on the board.
These workouts are meant to be done in addition to the work that we do in class.  Some may be better off done in separate sessions, some may work well as a warm up or cash out.
The Prep WODs will give you a chance to work movements, or aspects of movements that will come up in the Open.  We will not be using the barbell for these Prep WODs, at least, not yet.  These is plenty of time to work on the barbell in class, and the focus will be getting you moving as efficiently as you can while breathing well and repeating movements.
Often times, there will be a work/rest component to the Prep work.  All of the work periods are meant to be performed at maximum intensity – go as fast and as hard as you can during the work periods so you can get as much rest as possible in the rest period, so you can hit it as hard as possible in the work period.  If the work periods are too long, and not allowing you time to recover, lower the work sets, so you can have some time to recover.
For example, if you are doing 15 cal row 1 minute and 10 dips the other minute, but your row is spilling into your dip time, you will need to adjust the reps to something manageable.
Some sessions, like 50 Toes to Bar for time are meant to be smashed through.  Play with different strategies – use small sets to go quick, use big sets to go deep.  This is your chance to play with your ability.
Many of these Prep sessions can, and should be repeated if you are serious about being a prepared as possible for the Open – or being as fit as possible in life.  

I loved this moment tonight in a busy gym. "Get Down"

I loved this moment tonight in a busy gym. “Get Down”

Workout of the Day
Deadlift, 1.1.1, Week 2
Add 10# to last weeks effort, using 8 sets to build to your target weight.  Focus is on perfect set up when breaking from the floor and pulling with speed.  This may not be too heavy, but in a few weeks it will be.
21 Doubleunders
15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
9 Burpees