On Supplements

I am currently testing a product from Blonyx called HMB Creatine.  Both HMB and creatine are naturally occurring in the body, prostate and aid strength and recovery.  Read more about them on Blonyx website, or seek out other sites to get informed.  I have taken creatine many times over the years, and I took HMB a few years back when it was called Betagen.
Prior to starting CrossFit in 2006, I had taken any legal supplement I could.  I have experience with nearly everything up to that point: creatine, androsteindione, ephedrine, and more.  I am not familiar with “energy drinks” like NOExplode or any Red Bull like products.  What I really enjoyed about CrossFit was the emphasis on getting your nutrition from high quality foods.  Generally, supplementation just covers up holes in the diet.  I feel like the reason your energy levels need to be supplemented is because, maybe your nutrition isn’t where it needs to be.
I spoke to one of the Blonyx scientists last week, and I believe they “get it”.  Blonyx is a supplement company for CrossFit athletes by CrossFit athletes.  They believe in proper nutrition and high intensity exercise, but understand that when it’s done a a competitive level, recovery becomes hugely important.
My personal supplement philosophy is less is more.  I find a high quality product I trust, and work it into my daily regimen.  Up until last week, I took the following supplements: fish oil, glucosamine chondroitin, and whey protein.  Each one was slowly worked into my regimen, and allowed me to see if it was helping or not.  I have tried creatine in recent years, but it never stuck in my diet.
I felt like I was “ready” to add a creatine supplement, as I had not introduced anything new in nearly a year.  If I try to add a supplement, I add one at a time, and pay attention to the results over the coarse of weeks.  I’m 2 weeks into Blonyx, and I take a little less than the recommended dosage, but I like the results so far.  CFO may begin carrying this product for sale.  Let me know what you thoughts are, and if you’re interested in trying this product.

Workout of the Day
7 Hang Squat Clean 95/65
7 Handstand Pushups