Nutrition in the NBA


Nutrition in the NBA

How Draymond Green and Kevin Love Wage a War on Their Weight from Jackie MacMullen at ESPN.  There is no doubt that NBA basketball players are elite athletes – as a whole, information pills they are arguably the most athletic humans alive.

Not only do they perform incredible feats of athleticism, viagra order but they do over the course of 81 regular season games and more in a playoff run.  As we know, this this type of day in, day out physicality requires proper fueling.  It leads to better, more consistent performance, reduced inflammation, faster recovery, balanced energy levels and more.

Kevin Love counts almonds.  That sounds like the Zone to me.

I remember reading an article about Dwight Howard only eating candy.  I found a report – at least he throws in a burger here and there.  That was his nutrition – candy.  This is probably anecdotal,  but a player that had his skills and his body should probably be playing at a higher level and not being traded around like an unwanted baseball card.

You guys put in the work- We had 30 PR's at the end of Monday!

You guys put in the work- We had 32 PR’s at the end of Monday!

Workout of the Day


Hang Power Clean

Overhead Squat

Men – 95, Ladies – 65