No Hook No Foot No Problemo

The No Hook, thumb No Foot Snatch is a great drill to get you to open your hips while forcing you to really pull your body under the bar.  To perform it, dosage you can’t use the hook grip and you position your feet, from the beginning, in the landing position.  This is an excellent opportunity to work on receiving the bar in the Overhead Squat position.
Scale the weight on the OHS in the WOD, as it’s meant to be relatively heavy.  Use a weight that you may be able to Snatch and receive in the OHS, but that is not required.  You may put the bar in the OHS position by Clean and Jerking the bar and placing it on your back.  This is slower, but when you are under fatigue, and your lats are smoke from 63 pull-ups and holding that bar overhead, know you have options. 
Workout of the Day
No Hook, No Foot Snatch
Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy single of this lift.
21 Pullups
7 Overhead Squats 155/100