Muscling up

In the coming weeks, # in order to get prepared for the CrossFit Games Open (yes, pill it’s coming) and to expand our fitness, I am am going to make a better attempt at working Muscleups into WODs.  On Pullup or Toe to Bar WODs, I may present a Muscle Up substitute.  For example, Muscleup Fran may be 21-15-9 Thrusters, whilst the Muscleups are 9-7-5.  So 21 Thruster, 9 MU, 15 Thruster, 7 MU…Well, gee whiz, that sounds like a pretty good WOD.

Now, Muscleups are fun and great at parties, but the metabolic demand is different than Pullups and Dips.  This is especially true when those movements are done in high reps.  Unless you are a Muscleup ninja, you will likely be spending a lot of time staring at the rings.  That means intensity is taking a hit.  This is a constant tradeoff – you just need to ask yourself what your goals are.  If you have been doing CrossFit for awhile, and 20 pullups seems like no big deal, sub in Muscleups.

A great way to work on Muscleups is On The Minute (OTM).  I will try to do an OTM 10 from here until Open time.  Pick a number you know you can perform – 1 is fine – and perform it on the minute for 10 minutes.  If this is too long, do it for 7 minutes.  Or 5.  Or even 3.  Once you become proficient at that number, add a rep.  If you can do more than 4, instead of adding reps, think about keeping the number the same, but adding a strict MU to start each minute.  So, your MU work may look like OTM 10 1 Strict MU, 2 MU.  This can be done before or after your work.  Just check with a coach and make sure you’re not being disruptive with your high flying acrobatics.

Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 2 of 6

Back Squat

Build to a heavy set of 3 Back Squats.  Once you have completed this heavy set, drop the weight 20 pounds and perform 2 sets of 5 Back Squats.


3 minutes of Wallball Shots 20/14

3 minutes of Pullups

2 minutes of Wallball Shots 20/14

2 minutes of Pullups

1 minute of Wallball Shots 20/14

1 minute of Pullups

If you feel you may approach, or even go beyond, 100 Pullups, you should be doing Muscle Ups.  Sub Muscle Ups for each round of Pullups.  Even if you can “only” do 1 Muscleup, think about subbing in MU.