Max Effort Monday!


Max Effort Monday!

The SOS 1mile/5k Walk/Run is Saturday, hospital March 9.  It is $25 to sign up and begins at 8am.  It is a lot of fun, order and we did awesome last year.  Gloria took first in her age category and we had a bunch of athletes take home medals.  Who says we don’t like to run??? There will be registration forms at the gym on Monday, or you can register online HERE
The Open starts on Wednesday.  We will be reserving 6:30pm as our first Open WOD.  Due to the SOS run, the next full opportunity will be Sunday starting at 1pm.  Please sign up via scheduling link so we have an idea who is coming.  We will make sure the sign up function is set up this week.
If you are not signed up for the Open, please be aware that we will be fully dedicated to the Open.  We may or may not have an organized warm up, but we will talk about the WOD and test parts of it or even the whole thing.  If you have the ability to review the video, please do so.  More eyes help.
Remember, if you plan on doing the WOD at another time, you will need to set up your own judging.  Also, please be respectful of any class that is going on – in regards to equipment, gym space and the clock.  The ongoing class is the number #1 priority.

Kathy using the rower as a modification during "Badger".

Kathy using the rower as a modification during “Badger”.

Workout of the Day
Max Effort Monday
Take 20 minutes to build to your best Clean.  You may squat, power or split, just stand up with something heavy.
21 Doubleunders
7 Cleans 155/105