Lurong Living Challenge Results


Lurong Living Challenge Results

8:59pm of November 10th brought about the end of the 2013 Lurong Living Paleo Challenge for over 20 members of CrossFit Oakdale. For the past 8 weeks we have eaten Paleo – no grains, there no dairy, clinic no alcohol, viagra dosage no sugar and absolutely no processed foods. We picked goals, accepted the challenge of weekly WOD’s and tried new recipes and foods. We grew closer, stronger and smaller as a community. If you haven’t had to chance to talk to one of the challengers over the past 8 weeks, hit them up now and ask them what they thought of the challenge, Paleo eating and how it affected them. Removing food groups from your regular diet impacts us all in different ways. Some people saw low energy in the beginning, and other saw low energy at the end. Some saw improvements in their WODS, some felt their lifts weren’t as strong. I think we can all say that changes were made and we will eat differently than we were when we started the challenge.
A few people have done challenges before and use the challenge to get back on board of healthy eating, using food as fuel rather than happiness. I myself am an emotional eater and found during the last 8 weeks that stress didn’t cause me to hit up the sweet stuff like it normally would have. Though I will not be strict paleo, I will be avoiding processed foods, gluten (autoimmune disorder) and limiting dairy. I think there are a lot more black coffee drinkers in the world after this challenge!
We ate clean 92% of the time over the past 8 weeks.
We lost over 107# and 145.25 inches. That is over 12 feet. WHAATTT!?!?!
Everyone did an amazing job. I want to highlight a few people that look COMPLETELY different since the start:
Adele started this challenge 6 weeks prior and over the ENTIRE time of Paleo  she has lost 19″ and 18.4#.
Melissa  started a week before and came in 10.6# lighter AND 12″ lost overall.
Lowell lost 10.9# and 5.5″ overall.
Ashly lost 8.8# and 10″ overall.
Kirk is down 7# and 11.5″ overall.
Paul is down 7.6# and 8.5″ overall.
Denny lost 5# and 11.75″ overall.
Kirk – 1450
Lowell –  1405
Adele – 1379
Denny – 1370
Alison – 1362
Paul – 1344
Vanessa – 1301
Lou – 1298
Rita -1282
Gloria – 1259
Ashly – 1257
Melissa – 1238
Conney – 1230
Tricia – 1224
Brian – 1219
Trevor – 1183
Robin – 1175
Bill – 1155
Kelly – 1109
Annabeth – 1087
Derek – 954
Bob – 896
Danelle – 841
Gina – 693
Michelle – 58
This challenge may be over, but the Holiday Season is upon us…now we use what we learned works for us. Good Luck Challengers!!!

Adele went perfect through the challenge.  100% clean eating for 8 weeks.  Amazing!

Adele went perfect through the challenge. 100% clean eating for 8 weeks. Amazing!

Workout of the Day
15 Toes to Bar
25 Pushups
400m run
20 minute cap
Following WOD
10 minute partner/team sled push.