Lucky 8's?


Lucky 8's?

I was talking with someone during 16.1 (the overhead walking lunge/burpee/Chest to Bar WOD) and I was marveling how everything came out to 8’s.  8 Burpees and 8 Chest to Bar, story but it was incredible to me how short or tall, buy everyone needed 8 steps to get through the 25 foot overhead walking lunge.

On Saturday, cheapest I was talking with Chris how Front Rack lunges would be interesting to mix in, and we came up with this riff on 16.1.

Ideally, this would call for a walking lunge, but we don’t have the space for more than 6 to do this safely (a few gyms do).  Instead, we will lunge in place , with one small nuance.

One each set of lunges, you will stand in place an alternate your feet.  For the first piece, you will step forward, which will force you to step back into the the lunge.  For the next piece, you will step back, which will force you to step forward.


Workout of the Day


8 Front Rack Lunge Steps (Forward)

8 Power Cleans

8 Front Rack Lunge Steps (Back)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

Men 95, Ladies 65

20 minute cap