Lovin' Some Links


Lovin' Some Links

I used to post a lot of links, this but through Facebook and just awareness, visit this many of you are reading cool, help interesting stuff and sharing on social media.  Here are 3 of the best links I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

Choosing an Off Season Competition by Jacob Tsypkin 

On Being a Real CrossFitter

Activity Does Not Always Equal Productivity from the New York Times



Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk

Take 12 minutes to warm up to 80% of your 1RM.  If you were perfect last week, you may add 5-10#.  Once the warm up is complete, use the weight you built up to and do.  NO MISSES!

5 rounds, 1 Clean and Jerk every 90 seconds


30 Cleans 155/105

At the top of every minute, including the first minute, guys do 10 pushups, ladies do 7.

For RX, singles of the Clean are NOT ALLOWED.  For the rep to count, only doubles, or more, will keep your score going up.  A little practice cycling the barbell.

8 minute cap