Looking back before going forward


Looking back before going forward

Schedule – 9 am class only, with a noon class on New Year’s Day.

Tomorrow is a throw back to the finals of the 2007 CrossFit Games – back when regular folks were the best at CrossFit. Because they were the only people doing CrossFit.

In 2007 literally 1 guy did butterfly pull-ups – Brett Marshall, known on the posting boards as AFT, from Canada. At the time, AFT and OPT, James Fitzgerald, regularly posted the best times. AFT was a better sprint guy – Fran. And OPT was a better endurance guy – Cindy.

By 2013, CrossFit changed – basically pro athletes were competing at the Games. So they re-tested the workout and I think literally every athlete did butterfly pullups and beat AFTs old time.

I love Froning’s performance here – he basically drafted off Khlalipa, who is possibly the greatest rower in Games history, and gamed him out on the pullups. This workout gave Rich a lead at the Games he would never relinquish.

Not to mention the epic finish and celebration for Josh Bridges.

Workout of the Day


Row 1,000

Then 5 Rounds

25 Pullups

7 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

There is only 1 row – do the row, then begin 5 rounds.