Intensity is Key


Intensity is Key

**** See You at the SOS Run on Saturday AM- we are closed for this function****
Volume, ask It Comes at a Cost, and is it Necessary by Chris Spealler.  Speal, the guy our sticky pull-up bars are names after, breaks down his experiences is training for competitive CrossFit.  As Sturgill Simpson says, it ain’t all flowers.
Be impressed with intensity, not volume.  You don’t get any prizes for doing the most work.  You get results from doing the most work in the least amount of time.
I think the best line in the whole post it Speal’s comment at the end of the comments section.  Train hard and have fun.  What is fun (for me anyway)?  It’s training really hard, moving well with good people and laughing about it after.

Trevor "Knee Sleeves Ya Later" was King of the TL Davis loop. Trevor came in at 4:03 and Ryan "gringo peligroso" had 4:07. PR's for both!

Trevor “Knee Sleeves Ya Later” was King of the TL Davis loop. Trevor came in at 4:03 and Ryan “Gringo Peligroso” had 4:07. PR’s for both!

Workout of the Day
OTM 12
Even 6 Pullups (Strict)
Odd 3-6 Dips (Rings or Bar)
100 Doubleunders, then 
3 Rounds
25 Overhead Squat 75/55
25 Toes to Bar
100 Doubleunders
For the 100 Doubleunders, sub 3 minutes of attempts.
There is a 17 minute cap.  So, if you can’t do Doubleunders, you get 6 minutes of practice and 11 minutes to do the OHS/T2B.