Hot in the City

Wednesday is going to be a hot one – 110F on some reports.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train.  Just ensure you are eating and hydrating and you should be fine.
When it’s super hot, troche there are some things I don’t like to program.  Running is tough, # order more because it puts you in the sun.  High rep pull ups or toes to bar are rough in the heat because sweaty, tired hand on a warm bar often means skin gets a little juicy.
In the hot, 100F plus weather, I like work/rest. It allows you to cool down, even for a second or 10, and givens you a chance to sip water, especially when you are melting.
Make this workout work for you.  Use 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest for each round.  Score the workout as the total number of reps on rower/total burpees done/and lowest number of DU done in a 30 second period.
Workout of the Day
Alternating OTM for 30 minutes
Minute 0:00 – Row 10 Calories or Calories in 30 seconds
Minute 1:00 – 10 Burpees or Burpees in 30 seconds
Minute 2:00 – 50 Doublunders or as many DU as possible in 30 seconds

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