Holiday Weekend Schedule Reminder


Holiday Weekend Schedule Reminder

I have nothing to base this on, but I believe tomorrow will be the hardest day of this back squat cycle. It’s only “4 sets” but I bet 15 to 18 of the reps will feel like 1RM’s. If you are anything like me, the day after these sessions you are hungry and sore all over. We are coming up on the end of the line, next week is Week 11 and we will squat on Tuesday and Friday.

Just a reminder on the Holiday weekend schedule:

Regular classes Saturday 7/3

9am Sunday 7/4 “Adrian”

Open Gym 10am-12pm Monday 7/5

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming events! Dani Nicole Boutique will be popping up at our yoga and wine event!

Workout of the Day


Back Squat for load:
#1: 10 reps @ 35%
#2: 10 reps @ 55%
#3: 10 reps @ 70%
#4: 10 reps @ 85%

Easy Cardio

Row or bike easy for 10 minutes