Hairy Scary WOD

This workout has some hair on it.  It’s a workout from last week, decease but it’s an advanced version of the classic benchmark Angie – 100 Pullups, Pushups, Situps and Squats.  It ups the ante significantly, requiring advanced versions of the pull, push, sit up and squat.  The .com workout calls for GHD Situps.  We only have 2 GHDs, and unless you have done 100 before, I strongly suggest you DO NOT try this out.  Unless you want to be reminded of the sit-ups every time you try to get out of bed, breathe deeply, sneeze, cough or basically anything where you use your lungs.

So, how do you scale this?  My first thought is how long should it take.  This workout, to me, looks like a hairy CrossFit Games Regional workout.  Those are usually capped around 25 minutes, so let’s use that here.

100 C2B, for an advanced, athlete should take a little over 5 minutes.  I would suggest, unless you feel that you are going to get close to 100, capping your Pull up period at 5 minutes.

Same goes for the HSPU.  Maybe add a minute – so 11 minutes to get through Pull Ups and HSPU.

Now – what if you don’t have these movements.  First, Body rows work well for Pull ups.  I would also strongly suggest Kettlebell Swings if you already do Body Rows.

For HSPU, scaling down with an abmat is fine.  I also suggest Wall Climbs – lets call 30 for 100 HSPU.

Once you get through the first half, it’s just you versus the time cap.

Sit ups.  Do them.

Pistols.  We have many scaling options here – all the way from working on a box, squatting to a ball or doing lunges.  Pick a version that works for you and work until the time cap.

Now, even with this thing scaled, at 25 minutes, it looks daunting.  Think about cutting the reps in half – so 50 pulls, 15 wall climbs, 50 Sit ups and 50 one legged squats.  Just remember, the goal is to work these movements to the best of your ability, not just run up to the time cap.

For those of you storming through as prescribed, you are going to have to pace this.  Going hard out of the gate is a strategy, but it’s probably a dumb one.  It would suggest 3-5 C2B at a time with a 5 second rest from the start.  But I mean 5 seconds.  Use the clock.

Same with HSPU.  Pick a number and work through in sets.  Even if you start with 5, with a short rest, I would guess your sets will become smaller and your rest will become bigger.  Expect this to happen.  If you start struggling, finding you are holding your breathe whilst upside down, take a break. 

Situps.  Do them.  If you are thinking of attempting GHD, ask a coach.  They are probably going to tell you no. 

If you get cleared, I would suggest breaking every 10 and getting out of the machine, as hanging out will load up your legs.  If your start grinding reps by pulling slowing with your quads, break.  I am going to try this, but I know this is going to fuck me up for a couple of days.  Like, a lot. 

Once you get to the pistols, it will seem like you are home free.  You are not.  If you have ever done big pistol pieces, you know they start smooth and consistent, then you become wild and all over the place.  Again, I suggest sets of 10.  Do 10.  Shake out your arms and legs.  Take a breath.  Do 10.  I know I hemorrhage time by taking “stutter steps” in between squats.  I will try to stay conscious of this, but something tells me after 30 or so, it’s going to be welcome to the shit show.


Workout of the Day

100 Chest to Bar Pullups

100 Handstand Pushups

100 Situps

100 Pistols (alternating)

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