I have probably done this WOD 15 times.  Tips for Grace
– We will take care of warming you up, ampoule but make sure you are ready.  I would be sweating, viagra 60mg and have filled my lungs with air with 3 sprint intervals before starting the WOD.  This can be done by short (think 1 min) sprint intervals.  Running, this web burpees, rowing, and/or the air dyne are all good ways to accomplish this.  Sprint 1 minute, rest 1 minute, repeat 2 more times.  Once you’ve done some sprint work, rest 5 minutes before starting.
– Hit some mobility.  Be ready for the movement by hitting mobility drills for the pulling position, the front rack and the over head position.
– Have a plan and try to stick to it.  For example, if you are going to open the WOD with 10 C&J, then do singles try to hold that plan.  If the bar starts to feel heavy, be prepared to adjust on the fly.  No plan survives first contact with the enemy.  In this case, the enemy is fatigue.
– If you are RX’ing this for the first time, use the clock.  A rep every 10 or 15 seconds is a good strategy if this is your first time.  Be disciplined by using the clock.
– Chained reps are faster.  This is a sprint WOD, so the bar dancing around on the ground can significantly increase your time.  That being said, chained reps are more fatiguing.  If you can do 10 straight, but that leaves you gassed, think about breaking earlier – maybe work in 3s and 5 with quick breaks.
– The fastest technique for individual reps is to receive the bar in the power catch from the clean and immediately jerk the barbell over head from that position.  This requires timing and is taxing on your “jumpers.”  
– Know that chained reps may effect your grip first.  If you are going to hook grip (which you should), think about taping your thumbs.  Right, Paul?  Paul almost ripped his thumbs off clean and jerking a 95# barbell at Relay for Life.
– Clean and Jerking with beautiful technique is always encouraged.  BUT…if you are fit and experienced, things can get…less than pretty.  That’s OK.  Intensity is king.  Go hard and trust your fitness.
– If you are going fast, THERE IS NO TIME FOR CHALK!
– Going out as hard as you can and trying to hang on is a perfectly acceptable strategy.  “Crashing the car” is not only authorized, it is encouraged.  Find your limits.
– Reps 21-25 are the hardest.  You’re soooo close, but you still have serious work to do.  Rep 26 is No Man’s Land – don’t hang out here.  Reps 27 to 30 are the home stretch.
–  Use a counter if possible.  It’s a quick WOD and hard to count to 30 when you’re going HAM.
– Relax and have fun.  Because this is a quick and fast “smash” WOD, I used to try to get really intense and attack it.  This would leave me feeling drained at the start.  Now, I try to relax, and focus on moving fast and moving well.  It’s a fun one, and over quicker than you think.
– Believe in yourself.  You are strong and you are fast. 
– Encourage others.  Once you are done, cheer on other athletes.  I bet you they are close to the end, and every bit helps.

Chance and Brian - Partners for the last Barbells for Boobs - Karen Meets Grace

Chance and Brian – Partners for the last Barbells for Boobs – Karen Meets Grace

Workout of the Day
30 Clean and Jerks
135 for men, 95 for ladies