Good Luck in the Cave!


Good Luck in the Cave!

Monday is MLK Day, pharmacy a holiday for many of us.  CFO will be open for WODs at 9am, remedy 4:30 and 5:30pm.  See you there!
The Paleo Challenge kicks off on Monday.  Good luck in the cave, I’ll be joining you!
Alison and I spent the weekend at the OC Throwdown, a major CrossFit competition.  The workouts were tough, the venue was amazing, and the competition was fierce.  But the weekend wasn’t without it’s issues.  First, their website crashed, wiping out all scoring and scheduling.  Whoops!  If your interested in a flame party, check out the Facebook comments.
I was exposed in a couple of WODs.  Aside from doing poorly in the past in other comps, I had my worst performance in a WOD on Sunday morning.  A twist on an advanced move (ring handstand pushups) crushed me.  Believe me, flailing around on the rings in front of a couple thousand people was not how I planned to spend my Sunday.
But, once again, I learned a ton: not just about competing.  The guys at Rocklin CrossFit were nice enough to take me into their tent.  We shared food, strategy, and mobility ideas.  A few painful sessions with Gary Baron got me thinking about mobility in ways that Alison and I look forward to sharing in the future.
For those of you interested in competing in CrossFit events, CrossFit FTF in Fresno is holding an event on February 4th (2 weeks).  I’ve done this one twice, and they put on a nice, low key, yet challenging CrossFit competition.  They have a scaled and team division, please sign up if you are interested ( Post to comments or on FB if you’re interested in the team comp).
And don’t forget, the CrossFit Games Open is in 5 weeks.  1 workout per week for 5 weeks.  It’s a great way to test your fitness against everyone in the world (!)  We’ll be doing the Open WODs on Saturdays.  I’ll talk more about this in the days and weeks to come.

 A True Competitor

If you haven’t had a chance to compete yet, the FTF Competition is a great one!

Workout of the Day
Back Squat
Kettlebell Swing 70/55
Lateral Burpee
After you complete the set of 9, rest 2 minutes.  Then do the same couplet
This was the OC Throwdown Floater WOD from Saturday.  It was simple, but effective.