Going for a sleigh ride…


Going for a sleigh ride…

As the weather gets better, there I have been dragging the sleds out to play.  We’ve used them in some warm ups, see and you’re going to see them in some workouts.

A word to the masses: there is a tendency to load the sled and really fight to push it.  This is not a bad move per se, but if you haven’t pushed it a lot, keep it light and push it fast.

On a nice day, taking the sled outside, popping that top off and partnering up to push for 10 or even as long as 20 minutes is as good of an example of extra work as you can get.  Mix in some weighted carries and you will be doing some work that develops overall strength just as well as moving a heavy barbell.

And it’s not just sled PUSHING.  You can pull it, drag it or anything the equipment will allow.  We have one sled with straps set up – give that a try some day.  Set the belt on your low back and pull the sleds to walk backwards.  It’s like doing a max set of wall balls. 


Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, The Cube, Week 1 of 9

Back Squat

3 set of 8, 60% of 1RM


3 Rounds for Reps

10m Sled Push for 2 minutes

1 minute rest

Row for Calories for 2 minutes

1 minute rest