A rarely performed movement at CFO, the ground to overhead. Get a moderate light weight from the ground to overhead in the quickest, most efficient way possible for you. Clean and jerk, snatch, you can even deadlift into reverse curl into shoulder press.

This movement only came up once at the CrossFit Games – in 2010 when Dave Castro basically tried to kill the athletes that made the finals with exercise. The athletes did 3 workouts back to back to back with literally no preparation. It’s a fun watch, the G2O part comes up at about 8:30.

Watch until the end if you want to see Rich Froning fail on the final workout. This event basically lit a fire that would lead to Rich winning 4 straight individual Games titles, and an additional 3 team titles.

Workout of the Day

Alternating OTM 14

6 Strict Pullups

6 Dips or Deep Pushups


7 Rounds

In 1 minute, perform 6 bar facing burpees then as many ground to overhead 95/65 as possible in the remaining time.

Rest 1 minute after each round.