Friendly Fran Friday


Friendly Fran Friday

Soooo, we were training to do Fran in the near future. Then CrossFit goes and throws a workout like “Friendly Fran” on the board. This workout ain’t Friendly and it ain’t Fran. Yes, it’s thrusters and pull-ups. Yes, it starts with a round of 21. But that’s where the similarities end.

First, the bar is 15% heavier than Fran. Second, the pullups are chest to bar. I think the difference between a pullup and a chest to bar is a big deal, but it isn’t huge. Well, over 63 instead of 45 reps it may be. You can do small sets, take small breaks and you may not bury yourself. The chance if ripping increases a but, but what the hell.

I do think the weighted thrusters may make your life difficult. Thrusters in Fran should be done unbroken. Or as close to it as possible. I do not endorse unbroken thrusters in this – 12 & 9 is probably really, really aggressive. 8-7-6, 7-7-7 or even 6-5-5-5 may be really smart.

The reason I say don’t go unbroken is that there is no downhill. In Fran, you’re basically half way done with the workout after the set of 21. Here, you have to climb that mountain 2 more times. And something tells me it adds up.

But like Fran, the transitions will matter. Because the movements do not create a huge interference, you should transition aggressively, trust your fitness, and pick up the damn bar.

Don’t forget tomorrow is weightlifting night at 6:30pm – Front squat from the rack followed up by a Split jerk.

Workout of the Day

Friendly Fran

3 Rounds For Time:

21 Thrusters
21 Chest-to-bar Pull-Ups

W 85 lb. M 115 lb.

Reduce reps and/or loading to try to finish within 12 minutes.