Friday 4/3/2020


Friday 4/3/2020

Tomorrow they announce the first workout of the Support Your Local Box Open. Get signed up! It is free to register. Get your family in on it too, especially if they are working out with you. Don’t forget to use Crossfit Oakdale as your affiliate.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

RomWOD 8:30am Click Here to Join

CrossFit 9am Click Here to Join

Workout of the Day


5 Sets of 3

Squat Clean

Take 10 minutes to warm up build up to a heavy set and then go

Accessory Work (can be done with cans of soup or veggies- contents don’t matter:)

3 Sets of 12 Arnold Press

3 Sets of 12 Front Lateral Raise ( go light on this)

3 sets of 12 Side Lateral Raise

“Half Cocked”

20 Minutes – alternating arms each minute – score is total reps

20 seconds of Hang Squat Cleans with Dumbbell or Kettlebell

40 seconds Rest

“Empty Chamber”

20 Rounds

6 Jumping Squats

12 Alternating Lunges

18 Doubleunders (Side to side hops without a rope)