Franniversary Finals Announced

We are so excited to welcome athletes from all over the area to CrossFit Oakdale.
Registration will begin at 6:45.  There will be an athlete briefing at 8:10.  Attendance at the briefing is not mandatory, erectile but if you have questions, this will be your chance to ask them.
Girls Gauntlet
The first 2 teams kick off at 8:30a, and 2 teams will go every 10 minutes, 5 minutes to work, 5 minutes to rest/transition.  The 2 teams will be working at the same time to push the pace.  The first Elite teams will go at 10am.  Again, 2 teams every 10 minutes, 5 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest.
Open teams – please pay special attention to the Kettlebell Swing standard.  The KB must be directly overhead with arms extended at the top, with the bottom of the bell pointed to the sky.  At the bottom, your forearms must make contact with your thighs.
Kar-abel will begin with Open heats shortly after the Girls Gauntlet is complete – approximately 30 minutes.  The WOD is 9 minutes, there will be 6 minutes between heats.
The finals will take the top 5 teams in the Elite Division only.  The finals will begin shortly after Kar-abel is complete.
Please park in the soccer field spaces that lines our complex.  We would like to keep the spots in the lot for easy ups, vendors and quiet(er) areas for the athletes to chill out.
There will be a small warm up area in the parking lot.  It is a little wet at the moment, as it was pouring.  I’m sure it will be fine by morning.  Otherwise, you’ll have to warm up with Diane.  Kidding.  A little.
There are port a johns in the parking lot.  These will likely be more accessible for the ones inside.  And our toilets will be getting more work than our barbells or the athletes.  Please use the port a johns for number 1.
The Finals – “Every Rep Counts”
The top 5 teams in the Elite Division at the Franniversary will participate in the finals. The finals are:
“Every Rep Counts”
50 Bar Facing Burpees
40 Toes to Bar
30 Overhead Squats 135/83
20 Muscle Ups
If you complete 1 full round, continue to aciculate reps by starting over. As with all other WODs, this will be done partner style – one partner works, the other partner rests. Any transitions must be tagged in.
Good luck!