Fran VIII Update

Axel Bar Workout – we have adjusted the weights!

Rx is 135/95 – Our axel bars weigh 25

So RX is axel bar plus 45/10 for men on each side, 35 for women on each side

Scaled/Teens RX is 95/65. Thats 35s for dudes, 15s and 5s for gals

Scaled Teen is a Barbell, 65/45

The Pullup workout stays the same for all divisions

Med Ball Clean and Toss

Every rep of MBC and MBC plus toss will be a power clean, into a front squat.  No scooping the ball!!!

Broad Jump Facing Burpee

No more Burpee Box Jumps and Over a box! Instead, it’s a jump over 5 feet!!!

The burpee begins with the hands behind a 5 foot line.  For the burpee, get up and down any way you choose.  For your take off, your lead foot must be in contact with the line.

On landing, your foot must make contact with the line. If your trail foot lands short of the line, that constitutes a not rep. You will have to make another jump for the rep to count.

But…one foot take off and one foot landing is OK!

Workout of the Day

5 Rounds

30 Doubleunders

10 Pullups

15 Box Jumps

5 Chest to Bar Pullups

20 minute cap

If you complete the workout in under 20 minutes, perform 20 bar muscle ups for time after a 3 minute rest. If this takes you over the cap, that’s ok.