Fix It Now or Forget It Forever?


Fix It Now or Forget It Forever?

I read a nice piece from the owner of Diablo CrossFit on using the Open to actually learn.  Because you didn’t get a Muscle Up or a Chest to Bar Pullup or you couldn’t Clean 185/115 when exhausted doesn’t mean you never will.  It just means that you now know what you can’t do, dosage and have the opportunity to choose.  Do you make a plan and address it?  Or do you work on it for a week or 2 and forget about the plan.  I implore you – look at what you did well and where you struggle.

I am doing this now.  For whatever reason, website like this after 10 years or so of CrossFit, it’s not as simple as “I suck at Doubleunders.”  I find that I “pace” too much in training.  It’s cool to do quick singles on lifts knowing that you can pick it up and then move well through the rest of the workout.  Suckfests like 16.1 and technical challenges like 16.3 forced more advanced athletes to go unbroken through large stretches of the workout (like the entire thing), and the leader board only rewarded those athletes that not only went unbroken, but fast.

So, I’m identifying things of myself to work on.  If it really matters, I will decide and make adjustments.  But I know this is not an overnight fix.  It will be consistent reminders that when the my personal desire to strategize or pace comes up, it’s recognizing that desire and making the choice.

For you, it may be working on Doubleunders for 5 minutes before and after class, everyday.  Or working the transition of the Muscle Up.  Or whatever.  But only through consistent practice over time will the true change take place.  Just know I’m in it with you.

If you have something that frustrated you, talk to a Coach.  Let us help you come up with a plan.  Hold yourself accountable and let us be there to hold you accountable. 


Workout of the Day

10 Kettlebell Swings OTM for 10

10 Burpees OTM for 10

10 Rounds 30 Seconds of Box Jumps 24/20, 30 Seconds of Rest