Feeling Randy and a quickie Rope Climb Clinic

Watching Regionals has got me feeling Randy – so let’s honor Randy Simmons.
Between the 9am and 10am classes 1 will do a quick Rope Climb Clinic.  If you are really goo at climbing ropes, erectile come on.  If you have never climbed a rope, purchase now is your chance.  I do suggest long pants or socks.  The Reebok Nanos which are oh so popular are actually excellent for climbing ropes.  If you learn the scoop and stomp method, you can effectively climb a rope with out getting burns.  But it takes some practice.
The clinic will take about 20 minutes.
Workout of the Day
Max Effort Muscle Snatch
This might feel a little weird, You’ll see.
75 Power Snatch 75/55