Epic Redo


Epic Redo

As a rule, site I am not a fan of re-doing the Open Workouts.  As I write this – lightning may strike me down – I was the king of the re-do.  Yes, you may improve.  But it’s usually a negligible improvement, rarely more than a 5% increase.  I recommend saving re-do’s for technical errors, like equipment problems, a “no rep” issue, I’m running out of good reasons…My main reason, and I speak from experience, is re-dos, especially if you get into the habit of doing them, can grind you up mentally. There is enough pain and suffering in the world that you don’t need to be thinking about how you need to grind hard at minute 12.  Be a Gamer.  Go in with a solid plan, don’t take yourself too seriously, attack like a rapid wolverine and let it go.

All that being said…we had a lot of re-dos on 16.2.  And I said it throughout the weekend, that one you can re-do.  First, if you just missed making it out of round 1, you know that making it the next round can result in an increase of at least 30% in reps.  Second, 4 minutes is short and the workout, at least in the early portions, did not load you up or make you overly sore.

We saw a lot of learning going on.  Off the top of my head, I know Jack, Chris, Tricia, Alison and Marci all attacked 16.2 an made it to the next round, significantly increasing their score.

But the most fun re-do I watched was Kyra.  Kyra has good Toes to Bar and moves the barbell pretty well.  She attacks. Doubleunder?  Eh, not so much.  On her first attempt, I’m sure she fought rope and got 3 cleans.  On the second, more whipping and 9 cleans, but she was getting better.  On Sunday, I watched her get through the DU with about a minute left in the first round.  Now, generally, I would say this is not enough time.  The strategy that we saw work, time and again was quick, efficient singles, not overly bast but very steady.  Kyra has no time for that.  I figured she would get back to 9, maybe 10.  She went absolutely HAM-burger and got to 9 at about 4 second and ripped 4 more to finish with 13.  Did she get to round 2?  Nope.  But the struggle was epic.  And that’s really what this is all about.


Workout of the Day

10 RFT

15 Box Jumps 24/20

10 Pull Ups

5 Burpees