End of an Era


End of an Era

To Our CrossFit Oakdale Community-

For almost 12 years CrossFit Oakdale has been lucky to have trained youth athletes from as young as 2 to 18 years old. It has been the most amazing ride. Coaching kids through learning how to use a barbell to their first pull-ups is truly something we will cherish. There were kids camps, science fair projects and even some videos with Alan Sanchez from Good Day Sacramento. Who knew that Zoom call CrossFit Kids classes during a quarantine would be a thing? There were new experiences for all of us. 

This year, 5 original athletes are graduating  from high school. We are so proud of the what they have become – athletically and just being all around good people.  A few of our CrossFit Kids have gone on to college and are getting married! 

We are sad to announce that the last day of the Kids & Teens program will be May 23rd. This decision has not been an easy one, and it has weighed heavily on our hearts. 

If your athlete is currently in the Teens class, the adult class is now available to them at the rate/days per week you are currently paying until they turn 18. We look forward to continued work with them, coaching them through safe movement and celebrating their achieved goals. 

Starting June 6th, the Tuesday and Thursday time slot of 4:30pm will be a regular CrossFit class. 

We are grateful for the time spent getting to know each and every kid that has walked through the door. While we have coached them, we have also learned a lot from them as well. 

Thank you for putting your trust in CrossFit Oakdale.


Alison Huberty