Double the trouble


Double the trouble

Every once in awhile, you gotta get a little weird. So, I give you the 2 for 1 wall ball shot.

Here’s the key – that air squat must be fast! Pull your body down, drive up and be ready for that ball to come at ya. It can help to fire the ball a little higher, that might help. But fast squatting is where it’s at.

What do we mix this with? Something weird of course. 5 Toe to bar pullup. You do 1 toe to bar, directly into one pullup. That’s one. Then toe to bar, then pullup. Again. You cannot break between the toe to bar and the pullup. You can drop after the pullup before you being your next TTB/PU.

Workout of the Day


5 Toe to Bar Pullups (modify with hanging knee raise into a jumping pullup, keeping hands on the bar)

5 2 for 1 Wallball Shots 20/14