Different Version Take 2


Different Version Take 2

With “Heavy DT” being performed at the CrossFit Games this year, sildenafil Tuesday’s WOD almost seems quaint – except it’s not.
When the first day of the 2008 Games came to a close on Saturday, they announced the finals for Sunday: Grace.  Except instead of Clean and Jerk anyhow, you had to Squat Clean the weight.  The nodded.  Then Dave Castro announced the weight – 155/100.  Everyone went ‘oohhhhh.’
What the Games effectively showed us back then was that fitness was a moving target.  As soon as you begin to get good at something, you need to move to the margins of you experience and test yourself again.  It’s still good to re-test bench marks, but CrossFit constantly forces us to ask ourselves “where is my limit?” 
You are good at Fran?  How about Chest to Bar Fran? 
You are good at Grace?  How about Squat Clean Grace at 155?  How about Grace at 225?
Now, one thing I will say about really heavy WODs: if the intensity drops, it may be challenging, but it may not be as powerful of a WOD.  Keep the intensity high, and good things will continue to happen to your fitness levels.  Move heavy weight slowly, and you may find that while you get stronger, your engine suffers.  So Grace at 135 continues to be an effective test, because you can go really fast, and the intensity is through the roof.  Squat Clean Grace is great because it tests a greater range of motion, forcing you to move the bar a greater distance and quickly.
Editor’s Note: If you you are planning on crushing this by doing heavy singles, let me throw a spanner in the works.  To achieve an RX+, singles are NOT ALLOWED.  The smallest set allowed is 2 reps. o you can do 15 doubles or 10 sets of 3, or 6 then 12 doubles.  You just can’t ever do 1.
For an RX, singles are allowed.

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Workout of the Day
“Heavy Grace v. 2008”
30 Squat Clean and Jerks 155/100
12 Min Time Cap