DBB Recap


DBB Recap

Top in performers in each division of DBB:


Sarah had the biggest overall improvement, and beating her previous time by 5:13 MINUTES!!!  Sarah was a pretty fit lady coming into this challenge, but I’m not sure she’s as awesome on the barbell as she in in other aspects, like bodyweight.  Well, she’s put in the work and is turning into a barbell warrior.



Jake improved his DBB by 3:59.  Jake is one of the most consistent athletes at CFO, working everyday to improve all aspects of his fitness.  It’s been exciting to watch him improve his mental game, getting tough and more enduring, ready to meet any challenge.



June improve here DBB time by 1:56.  June attacks her work like a smart athletes.  She competes regularly and isn’t flashy, just chugs away and does the work fast. I’ve observed June working some 10×10 squat sets – that would make me want to crawl into a whole.

Overall, we have 16 athletes PR their DBB times out of 19 that tested both times.  As we talked about yesterday, there was a lot of “meat on the bone” in this WOD, with many ways to improve, but also many traps to fall into – the easiest to fall into likely going too hard too early.  In 6 weeks time, it can be relatively easy to improve a lift or an aspect of your fitness.  The only way to make major improvements in a WOD like this is to improve the overall WOD like this, which tests so many things, is to improve overall fitness.  That sounds simple, but it’s not easy.   It takes focus and consistency to really make lasting improvements.  I’m confident that CFO’s DBB winners did just that.

Some things to think about – I’ve said it before, but this is a hard WOD.  It takes a ton of fitness to even finish it in the time cap.  Any improvement should be celebrated, and even if you didn’t PR, you still stared down a nasty piece of work a did your best to get it done.  Fitness is about the journey, not the finish line, although it’s great to smash WODs, it’s probably better to stare down something that is truly challenging and give it your all.  

Standout Performances


Bill only improved by 10 seconds, but that’s because he went really fast the first time.


Micayla improved by 3:48.  Micayla has put in a tremendous amount of work over the summer, always asking questions and working on developing new skills and improving her fitness.  It’s been a pleasure watching her grow as an athlete.


Don has been working very hard this year since the Open.  He’s had a renewed focus in moving efficiently and that’s exactly what he did in DBB, throwing down 2 very fast times.


Women’s Menopause Night!


Workout of the Day


9 Toes to Bar

18 Wallball Shots

27 Doubleunders