CrossFit Kids Oakdale Recap


CrossFit Kids Oakdale Recap

***There is no 5:30am class on Monday, information pills 2/18/2013.  All other classes are at the regular times.  
***The Eat Well, Live Better Challenge awards ceremony and tasting is at 7:30pm.  Challengers please remember to bring food to share.
CrossFit Kids Oakdale held a fundraiser for Relay for Life on Saturday.  Over 20 kids participated and raised just over $200 for CrossFit Oakdale’s Relay For Life Team. There will be a robot in the front of the gym to stuff more donations for the kids into…just in case you didn’t get a chance.
It was a great event with kids working hard, moving well and pushing their limits.  Parents cheered on, coached and even judged their kids through some tough WODs.
It’s so cool to watch kids start working hard and feel the work start to hit them.  You can see it in their eyes when they get caught up in the excitement and the energy and really get going.  You could see it over and over again in the burpee floater.  Kids would get 30 seconds into the 3 minutes and realize they were getting out of breathe or getting gassed.  Their parents cheered them on and kept them moving.  If they were going head to head against another kid, no one wanted to be the one that stopped moving – they just kept going for it.  In case you were wondering, our kids did nearly 850 burpees combined.  YES!
My personal highlight of the day was judging Lily though the teen’s WOD.  That AMRAP 7 of Box Jump and overs, sled pushes and kettle bell deadlifts turned into a grinder.  It was a little hot and stuff got heavy quick.  All the kids were sweating, breathing hard and had that flummoxed look on their faces, like “what the heck is happening???”  But they kept on fighting.
Lily, who I had just met that day, is an 11 year old girl and she was wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt.  She started the WOD strong.  About 2 minutes in, when the lactic acid really started to build and sweat started to flow, she just kept moving forward.  She was clearly getting into that uncomfortable place, and she may have uttered some words like “I can’t” or “I don’t want to,” but with a little encouragement, she kept moving that sled, kept clearing the box, and kept safely and effectively moving the weight.  Lily was rolling like a bad mofo!
I don’t get to spend a lot of time with the kids.  Saturday was a huge eye opener for me.  Yes, our kids are learning proper movement, that fitness is fun and they are getting strong.  But, what’s even more exciting is they are learning the values of commitment, perseverance and take pride on their accomplishments.  They learn the value of hard work.  One of my favorite things about CrossFit – it is so apparent that hard work pays off.  You work hard, you get results.  You work harder, you get more results.  That’s how we’re going to build a future for our kids. 


Lily pushing hard… whilst representing the “Bieb’s”

Workout of the Day
Max Effort Monday
Shoulder to Overhead
In 20 minutes, build to your heaviest overhead lift.  Use the rack.  You may NOT go from behind the neck.
100 Doubleunders
50 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65
25 Toes to Bar
20 minute cap
Lots of scaling options here: 40 DU attempts.  Use Knees to Elbows, Knees to Chest or even sit-ups.