CrossFit for "Hope"


CrossFit for "Hope"

Thursday, find July 4th is CrossFit for Hope.  We are asking for a $10 donation (feel free to donate more) from everyone participating that will be donated to CrossFit for Hope. There will be prizes for top Male and Female Scaled and RX Athletes.
We will be running heats  with two athletes per station. So 10 athletes per heat – you will need to help judge if you are not competing at the time. 
Here is a quick strategy plan.
The set up is just like Fight Gone Bad, abortion 3 5 minute rounds, ask with 1 minute at each station.  You do as many reps at each station as possible.  This WOD is more about “where can I crush?” and “where can I maintain?”  
Barbell work
The weight is not significant, so you just have to keep moving the barbell and stay efficient on the Snatches and Thrusters.  I would recommend against 1 and dumps on the snatches, as the light bar will skitter and dance all over the floor as you drop it from overhead.  Manageable sets on the Snatch (3s and 5s would be great).  For the thrusters, bigger sets are best, and if you can hang onto the bar you will be waaaaaay better off.  Rest in the rack if possible.  Any bar drop on the set of thrusters is a MINIMUM 3 second loss, and can easily become 8-15 seconds.  Hang on here!  I am setting a mental goal of no dropping the bar on thrusters.  There, I said it out loud.
Unless you are an ABSOLUTE burpee ninja (Vanessa, Emmaline, Nick), this is a maintain spot.  If you are getting more than 18 burpees, you will likely pay for this energy expenditure somewhere else.  Stay steady here!  I totally fell apart on the burpees last year, and it smoked my shoulders.  If you want to nerd out, review Carl Paoli’s burpee technique.  This style of burpee is a little slower, but it will keep you shoulders a little fresher for all the other work.
Box Jump
We will allow step ups.  There.  No technique.  No strategy.  Just keep moving.
Chest to Bar Pullups
Ok, this is probably the most technical aspect of the WOD.  We will run a scaled heat, BUT you can still do this WOD RX.  Stand here, get a 0, treat it as a rest period, and go HAMsandwich on the 4 other exercises.
Much like the Snatch, smaller sets (3s and 5s) with short rest will work well here as opposed to ripping off 15 just because you can.  Once you gas on CTB, you are cooked.
For those of you that are not great at CTB, I highly recommend quick singles.  If this is a weakness, I would recommend aiming for a number, hitting it and spending the rest of the minute resting.  Unless you are looking to attack a weakness.  Then, drive on hard charger!
150 is a good score.  That’s 10 reps for each station across the WOD.  200 is a doing some serious work.  Over 250 is getting into melt your face off territory and over 300 might ruin you for a 4th of July picnic.  But it will be really fun to watch.

That's levitation Holmes....

That’s levitation Holmes….

Workout of the Day
3 rounds, for reps
Snatch 75/45
Box Jump 24/20
Thruster 75/45
Chest to Bar Pullup