Cluster WHAT?


Cluster WHAT?

I had a little birdie whisper into my ear that we should do some “clusters.”  If you have done a thruster, more about you have likely done a “cluster”  – it’s simply a Squat Clean into a Thruster.  If you want to make an Olympic lifters eye twitch, call a Clean caught in the squat a Squat Clean.  They get all crazy because the Clean should (but may not) imply a squat happened.  In CrossFit, we remove the implication and demand that a squat happens. Forcing the squat – even at lighter loads – makes the Clean a more complex and demanding movement.

Now before you go thinking you are super cool because you are doing “clusters,” learn you some CrossFit history.  Jason Khalipa whom the 2008 CrossFit Games by doing Squat Clean Thrusters in the final event (30 Squat Clean and Jerks for time at 155/100).   


Workout of the Day


Front Squat into Split Jerk  (NOT a thruster)

Work from the rack for 20 minutes


11 Clusters 95/65

7 Clusters 135/85

5 Clusters 155/105

3 Clusters 185/115

1 Cluster 205/135

Men need 2 45, 2 25, 2 10

Ladies need 2 25, 2 15, 2 10