CFO "Total" – Open Door Series


CFO "Total" – Open Door Series

While Saturday was a bit gloomy with all of the rain, drugs we still had athletes trek all of the way out to Oakdale…and not for the Rodeo. For the first time 4 teenagers competed in the same arena as the adults. Same WOD, just in their own age group. It was the first and hopefully not last competition for many. There were PR’s as well as moments of shock at the effect of “Cindy” on some lifts. All in all it was awesome to watch those people get after it. Make sure you check out the pictures on Facebook – there are more to come!
Thank you to all of the judges and photographers who helped out – Bob  & Tricia Wessling, Robin Cadmus, Gloria McKaughan, Ryan Jones, Marci Spears, Desiree, Beall, Thomas Giles & Michele Beatty. None of these event could be put on without you. Looking forward to a future Teen and Kid competition in July and the Summer Slam!
Results from The Open Door Series:

  “Cindy” ME Snatch ME Clean & Jerk CrossFit Oakdale Total
Teen Scaled Division Finn Huberty 297 Finn Huberty 65# Finn Huberty 90# Finn Huberty 452
  Connor Spears 293 Connor S. 60# Connor Spears 65# Connor Spears 418
Teen RX Male Alex Alexander 231 Alex Alexander105# Alex Alexander155# Alex Alexander 491
Teen RX Female Alexis Bagnani 163 Alexis Bagnani 60# Alexis Bagnani 85# Alexis Bagnani 303
Masters Scaled Female June VonRotz 330 June VonRotz 67# June VonRotz 85# June VonRotz 482
  Pam Shorman 197 Pam Shorman 45# Pam Shorman 55# Pam Shorman 297
Master RX Female Jennifer Moran 262 Jennifer Moran 100# Jennifer Moran 132# Jennifer Moran 494
  Alicia Luna 141 Alicia Luna 95# Alicia Luna 115# Alicia Luna 451
RX Female` Micayla Lowe 358 Emily Cook 155# Krista Messer 185# Micayla Lowe 623
  Emily Cook 284 Krista Messer 135# Emily Cook 155# Emily Cook 594
  Alexis Patrick 278 Micayla Lowe 115# Micayla Lowe 150# Krista Messer 540
  Sarah Bagnani 246 Sarah Bagnani 105# Sarah Bagnani 140# Alexis Patrick 493
  Krista Messer 220 Alexis Patrick 100# Alexis Patrick 115# Sarah Bagnani 491
RX Male Logan Mayfield 452 Nicholas Herrera 245# Nicholas Herrera 315# Nicolas Herrera 940
  Brian Huberty 430 Dustin Pappas 225# Dustin Pappas 275# Dustin Pappas 906
  Dustin Pappas 406 Brian Huberty 215# Chris Forman 255# Logan Mayfield 912
  Eric DeJanvier 405 Logan Mayfield 205# Logan Mayfield 255# Brian Huberty 890
  Zachary Prieto 390 Jesus Medina 205# Jesus Medina 255# Eric DeJanvier 818
  Nicholas Herrera 380 Zachary Prieto 195# Brian Huberty 245# Zachary Prieto 805
  Chris Forman 360 Chris Forman 185# RJ Waldron 230# Chris Forman 800
  RJ Waldron 328 Eric DeJanvier 185# Eric DeJanvier 225# RJ Waldron 740
  Tim Spears 290 RJ Waldron 180# Zachary Prieto 220# Jesus Medina 705
  Jesus Medina 245 Tim Spear 165# Tim Spears 205# Tim Spears 547
Competitors from Saturday's Open Door Series.

Competitors from Saturday’s Open Door Series.

Workout of the Day


Pause Clean



20 Wallball Shots 20/14

10 Power Cleans 155/100