CFO Adventures: Half Dome


CFO Adventures: Half Dome

I love some competitive exercise, rx but the thing I love the MOST is when people get out there and apply their hard earned fitness.  Today’s story comes from Scott Worthington.  Scott is a tough dude and he’s out there having adventures and challenging himself in one of the earth’s most beautiful playgrounds – Yosemite.
Made it to the top of Half Dome on Tuesday Sept. 24. A buddy and I backpacked straight up The Mist Trail to Little Yosemite Valley the night before and then climbed The Rock and then back down all the way to the Yosemite Valley. On this trip I felt so much better than the last time a few years ago in terms of leg strength and upper body on the cables. Plus the cardio vascular. Thank you for your coaching these past few months…I really didn’t think this 54 year old guy would ever be up there again but gave it a go because of CrossFit Oakdale! Thank you all.
If you have stories to share – please keep them coming!

We'll get Scott to take a bigger picture next time.

We’ll get Scott to take a bigger picture next time.

Workout of the Day
Take 12 minutes to build to 80% of 1RM
Then, advice do 3-5 heavy singles at that weight.
Think of this as heavy technique work.  You should “feel” the weight, but it shouldn’t be soul crushing.  Technique should be crisp and snappy.
400m run
8 right arm Snatch (KB or DB)
8 left arm Snatch (KB or DB)
Recommended weight – 53/35 for KB, 45/35 for DB
16 minute cap