Calling All Mudders


Calling All Mudders

The Tough Mudder is coming up, this site and we have several Athletes at Team CFO that are taking on the challenge.  I love the Tough Mudder, treatment more so than some of the other events.  Some of these events feel like a glorified 5k with flat tracks and a few obstacles.   The Tough Mudder is a little different.  The obstacles are tough, but usually, the whole course is an obstacle.  Constant hills, rugged terrain and even attitude can be a major challenge.
Of course, I believe CrossFit is the best way to prepare for these events (high rep squatting translates directly into hill climbs).  That being said, I also love training outdoors.
On July 28th, I’d like to do a WOD in Knights Ferry Recreational Area.  We’ll drag some equipment out there to keep it interesting, but it will give us a chance to work on terrain.  We’ll talk more about this in the weeks to come.  I’d like to do one of these a month.  I have some sweet spots picked out 😉
Today’s Metcon is a sprint WOD.  Pick a weight that seems do-able, but challenging.  Then find out what it feels like what an accelerated heart rate does to your strength.  You MAY rack from the back if you like during the Metcon.

Amanda Heads Out with the Sandbag during Saturday’s WOD

Workout of the Day

Max Effort Monday
Shoulder to Overhead
You can Push Press, Push or Split Jerk.  You can work from the rack, but you don’t have to.
For time
Run 600m (to entrance of TL Davis)
25 Burpees to a touch target (6″ beyond reach)
10 Shoulder to Overhead 165/115