Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

The CrossFit Open is over!  Congratulations go to Nick Z., order who is sitting pretty in the top 20 of NorCal.  Great job Nick!
Former CrossFit Oakdale coach Brady Marshall is firmly in a Regionals qualifying spot, ampoule cracking the Top 30 in the very competitive SoCal Region.  Awesome!
Nick’s brother, rx A.J., who trains with us when he is in town also qualified for Regionals. Congratulations A.J.!
Right now, Jen and I are on the outside looking in.  If a few people go team, there is a chance we will get to compete, but we’ll have to wait it out.
Great job to everyone that competed in the Open!  It is a great test of fitness and a way to challenge yourself, but it is even more fun to come together and support each other.  If you cheered someone on, judged, gave a word of encouragement, anything, thank you!
I will give a full rundown of the Open later in the week when I can fully digest the leader board.
I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to getting back to our regular programming.  Next week, we will Clean and Jerk on Monday, Snatch on Wednesday and Front Squat heavy on Thursday.  Tuesday and Friday will be conditioning WODs and Saturday will be the Oly seminar. There will be no classes on Saturday.
After completing the Open, I would like to take some more time this week to focus on the lifts.  I will allot more time for the lifting sessions.  Focus on technique and efficiency, as many of us have spent the last 5 weeks jamming our faces into the wall to get more reps.  Now, let’s slow down, pay attention, and do it right.  That’s how we get ready for next year!

Who jumped OVER the boxes last week?
Who jumped OVER the boxes last week?

Workout of the Day
Clean and Jerk
In 30 minutes, build to a heavy single.
50-40-30-20-10 Doubleunders
After every set of DU, do 2 Cleans with 75% of your best lift OR  if possible 225/135.